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Q:  How do I get information about the season?

A:  Email us at


Q:  I attend a different high school that is close to Higley High School, but they don't have a lacrosse team. Can I join the Higley lacrosse team?

A:  Yes, Higley High School welcomes players from surrounding Gilbert, Highland, Williams Field and Queen Creek.


Q:  Am I required to supply my own equipment in order to play?

A:  Yes, each player is required to supply his own stick, chest protector, arm pads, gloves, cup, mouth-guard, and cleats.


Q:  Does it cost money to play?

A: Yes, each player is required to register and pay dues prior to the beginning of the season.


Q:  Do I have to have prior playing experience to join the team?

A:  No, we welcome new and experience players.


Q:  Where do you practice and play game?

A:  All games and practices are at Higley High School.